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Web Scraping


  • Finding active GoodReads users and scraping various information from each of the users’ library
  • Scraping online directory for website, email, and contact information of Danish woodworking companies
  • Latitude and longitude scraped of 5000 institutes
  • Wikipedia sidebar information scraped of 200 educational institutes
  • Directory scrape specific lawsuit information scrape
  • Ecommerce site scrape: 2,500 popular search term generation and associated review and other information
  • Over 20,000 product URLs scraped from an eCommerce site and displayed and hidden information scraped from each listing
  • Scraping product information of a car company
  • 3,000+ rows of information scraped which were protected with limits and were hidden
  • 3,000+ rows of entries of a large scale directory with individual information structured in a tabular format
  • Directory of scrape commercial contractor for subcontracting
  • Subcontracting & competition assessment based on geo-location
  • 1,200 DnD information Scraped
  • Scraping the backup data and pictures from a way back machine
  • Scraping the full catalog of products of an e-commerce for market research
  • Emergency Medical Supply directory for a Trust Based operation
  • Large scale global product information scrape with proxies and cloudflare bypass
  • Scraping real estate foreclosure information with captcha configuration

Technology & Tool

  • Python
  • Selenium, Requests-HTML
  • Requests, URLLib, Beautiful Soup 4
  • Regex
  • Pandas, Numpy
  • Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets
  • SQL

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