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Automator, Developer, and Accountant

Currently looking for opportunities in remote junior level position or paid apprenticeship. Visit my Services and Rates page. and Feel free to send me an Electronic Mail.
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Hi, I am anyfactor. I am a masters student in Accounting & Information Systems, and I dabble in python scripting and web development. I am a fast learner, and a smart worker willing to learn and apply myself in challenging yet high-growth opportunities.

My core interests are in Automation, Data Analytics and Web Development. But aside from continueing professional development in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, Data Visualization, Web Service Automation, I am trying expand my "knawledge" by learning CRM software development, and UI tools for mobile applications. Because of my business degree, I am also very comfortable in performing as a business associate.


Formal Education

I have completed my 40 course long 4 year bachelors in Accounting & Information Systems particularly with special interest in financial accounting, corporate finance, portfolio management, business development and information systems. Now I am going through my MBA in Accounting and Information Systems with concetration in finance and financial accounting.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Accounting and Information Systems

2018 - Current

Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

Accounting and Information Systems

2014 - 2017

Not-so Formal Education

Being a self taught coder most of my training came from watching youtube tutorials, reading documentations and books, and problem solving in stackoverflow.

A detailed breakdown of training in individual languages and other stuff can be found here.

My experience, and training in coding can also be traced back to interactive tutorial websites and my various projects -

Projects & Skillz

Automation & Web Scraping

For automation and web scraping I mainly use python. The modules I work with most are-


Data Analytics, Statistics & Data Visualization

For data application I primarily use Microsoft Excel (because I am an accounting student), but I am comfortable with a number of statistical software and various python modules.

Softwares - Python Modules -

For Visualization I am comfortable using Excel and Adobe photoshop. But I am planning to learn -

I am hoping to learn more about data science and machine learning particularly through the use of the tensorflow library. Being an business grad, I have an active interest in FinTech, and my skills and education are very much suitable for active stock market trading, handling portfolios and algotrading.


Web Development

I have not practiced web development for a very long time, but I am looking forward to give it another shot. My project section is non-existent but I will try to add stuff on my Github and Codepen.

The skills - I am currently learning a number of things in relation to web development, primarily the stuff on my FreeCodeCamp curriculum. But in addition to those I am also learning -

Other stuff

Pypros | Python Tutorial Youtube Channel

Content creator of Pypros Yotube Channel. Responsibilities include -

Some of my work-

Microsoft Excel | Data cleanup, Accounting, Statistical Analysis

I have been an active user of Microsoft Excel for quite a long time, because it is the bread and butter of accounting. I realized quickly for office applications prowess in Excel is a valuable thing to have. I think I am comfortable in describing myself as an "intermediate" level Excel user because of my knowledge in a wide variety of functions and their appropriate applications, and my basic understanding of VBA and designing macros.

Content Summarizing and Simplification

I have a gift which I call is simplifying things to to an "ELI10" (Explain Like I am 10). I will go through various types of media, and extract the gist of the idea and create easy to understand examples to make connections with the topic. Check out my medium blog to learn more.

Mobile Application development | Flutter, Java

For mobile application development I am thinking about learning Flutter, google's corss-platform UI/UX tool for smartphone application development. I am currently learning Java to understand mobile and software development particularly CRM software development like Salesforce.

CRM and Accounting Softwares | Salesforce,, Quickbooks

I think there is a huge potential in app development in the CRM and bookkeeping software market. For Salesforce, I am trying to get started with salesforce administration than eventually move to salesforce developer position. For this path I am going through Trailheads (Salesforce's Interactive Learning Platform) and learning Java as it helps to pickup Salesforce's application development language Apex more easily.

For QuickBooks and similiar online bookkeeping systems, the mechanism and workflow where taught us in my undergrad program. The advantage of these software being web application can be exploited through my automation and web development skills.

Amazon Fulfillment Store

I assisted in developing efficient workflow and algorithmic process pattern to assist and manage a medium sized amazon store from end to end supply chain.

Stock Trading

I had previously designed algorithmic worflow to trade in stock simulations based on information gathered from The process was-

Standard investment decisions (minimum programming complexity) based on-

I wish to design algorthim and progarms for Specualtive Investment Decisions (moderate programming complexity)


The tools I use to code or for associated tasks-

I am currently free for work. To hire me, checkout my Services and Rates.
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