Automation & Python Development


Web Scraping - Automation - Data Analytics
Web Development - Social Media Managment

Web Development


Blog about Orchestra and Band Instruments

  • VueJs, Nuxt
  • Netlify & Netlify CMS
  • Github

SAAS YouTube Channel Management services

  • VueJs, Nuxt
  • Django REST
  • PostGreSQL
  • Github

Daily Idea noting and Idea based social platform

  • VueJs, Nuxt
  • SCSS
  • Template Modification
  • Github

Service Hub

Booking automobile service appointment service

  • VueJs, Nuxt
  • Netlify & Netlify CMS
  • Laravel REST
  • PostGreSQL
  • Github

Technology & Tool

  • Stack: JAMstack (Javascript, API, Markup)
  • Preferred Role: Frontend Developer
  • Front End Framework: VueJs
  • Static Site Generator: NuxtJs
  • Frontend CSS Framework: BootstrapVue, Vuetify, Tailwind, SCSS
  • Static Site Deployment: Netlify, Github Pages
  • Content Management System: Netlify CMS, Nuxt Content
  • API: Firebase & RESTful Flask
  • Android, Cross Platform & Chrome Extension Development: Quasar
  • Backend: Python, Javascript
  • Database: SQLite3, PostGreSQL, JSON, Markdown

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