Automation & Python Development


Web Scraping - Automation - Data Analytics
Web Development - Social Media Managment

Automation & Bots


  • Deep and Routine Ecommerce Site Scrape with Information and Images for Dropshipping Services that interacts with modals and dialogue boxes
  • Another Deep and Routing Ecommerce Site Scrape with Information and Images scraped for Dropshipping Services scrapes thousands of images and provides detailed information in categories
  • Checking the changes in inventory and prices of a competition's Ecommerce store
  • Creating a price tracking automation script of a competition
  • Tool to check inventory changes and price changes with weekly automated scraping
  • Parsing and Mining XML Data > Creating PDF for sharing and Printing & HTML for web hosting
  • Automated customized entering of Wordpress product information without bothering to buy wordpress plugin(s)
  • Twitter post maker with web interface that outputs shortened URLs and predetermined and relevant tags
  • Unfollowing everyone Instagram
  • [Finance/ Trading] Finding Robintrack most popular stocks and then looking for sentiment and following of those stocks on stocktwits. And finding robintrack and stockwits data on ATH stocks
  • [Finance/ Trading] Generating CSV full of data based of Ticker and Date from sourcing from YFinance or proprietary API

Technology & Tool

  • Web Interaction: Request-HTML, Selenium, Beatiful Soup 4 & URLlib
  • GUI Interaction: PyInput, PyperClip
  • API Creation: Firebase & RESTful Flask
  • Bots: Discord, Reddit, Twitter etc
  • Software Interaction: MS Office
  • Script Setup Options: PDF instructions, Video Tutorial, Video Chat & Remote Assistance
  • API: Google Envrionment, Google sheets, Reddit, Twitter & more or less anything

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