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Automator, Developer, and Accountant

Currently looking for opportunities in remote junior level position or paid apprenticeship. Visit my Services and Rates page. and Feel free to send me an Electronic Mail.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Passive Social Media Management Service

Why no credential

You get what you pay for. In this service, I am getting less $5 an hour and you will be getting a service that is close to that value.

If you see my other you can see that I am asking for much more then what I am asking here and it is backed by experience and some credentials. I am not a professional marketing consultant but I am a passive social media manager. I will not reach goals for you, but I will maintain your social and eCommerce platform based on your instructions.

What is your experience/ Who are your past clients / Show me your portfolio

You can visit my case stories section to learn how I had operate.

I have managed a couple of social media accounts before but nobody wants to tell the world they got their work done by $4-$5 an hour. And in those jobs, I had to impersonate the owner rather than the brand itself. I respect their wish to maintain their secrecy. But for this service, for your and my convenience, consider case stories but I can not give names of my clients. Thank you.

How fast can you grow my brand / What is your customer acquisition plan / Define your marketing strategy

The keywords for the service are -

  1. Passive
  2. $5 an Hour

I think that achieving goals and setting up strategies are requirements that go beyond the service offering. I will only work based on your instructions and will try to do whatever you were doing.

Sure, we can

  1. Brainstorm Ideas
  2. Analyze Customer Reaction & Comments
  3. Analyze Competition
  4. Review News Material

But I hope you do realize setting up goals and strategies require a much more active role at a much more higher price.

How would you respond appropriately to customer inquiries

I have an inherent talent to emphasize well with people, I think. After being hired I will try to understand the brand and your vision. In the beginning, I will ask you to review my answers over chat. Then I will start replying to the frequently asked questions more easily. For the questions that I don't know the answer to I will curate and communicate that with you over chat and respond. You don't have to tell me what exactly to write, you will just need to give me your vision. That's all.

I am currently free for work. To hire me, check out my Services and Rates.
For inquiries send me an email