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Case Study: Vein & Plastic Surgery Professional Service




My goal was to promote not only the services of the clinic but also educate inquiries made by professionals and handle communications.

I identified the most crucial challenge and potential developement point very early one. The before and after treatment pictures. But the catch was the before pictures are quite gnarly to put in simple terms.

Client has told me that the patients are suffering from a stage 6 disease and it is normal to them. But for the average person it is everything but normal.

The client threw me the challenge to make the page seem like approachable for clients and layperson and be educational for the medical professionals.


Caution Post with Album

This system allowed me to provide information of services with the before and after pictures by softening the blow a little bit and triggering a curiosity. I used the album feature of instagram to create a four picture information delivery mechanism. The technique and the description is the following -

First Picture: Desensitize and Entice

In the first picture I maintained the two step rule: Desensitize and Entice

Desensitize: don't want to in lack of a better word disgust people when they are scrolling past the feed. So, the first step for me was to blur the before picture.

Entice: As the picture itself is blurred out, I entice curiosity by letting viewers know what the album is about. And I more or less guide them to follow with my brightly colored text.

Second Picture: Before Picture

I have blurred out the before picture but in the post original picture will be posted.

I will use red obvious highlighter to to mark the vein deformity.

(Not shown in picture) Use stickers to guide to see the after treatment pictures.

Third Picture: After Treatment Picture

Blurred out but in original it will be posted as is.

Stickers will be used for both -

Fourth & Final Picture: Contact Information

In an obvious way show the contact and address. And option for DM for appointment (falls under my duties).

Case Study: Programming Youtube Channel

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